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Today we have the pictures from nationals for you. Get them in the media page. Also, can anyone specifically tell me what place we took at nationals and the past awards we have had. I want to finish off the awards page thats up. Email your responses here.

And, here is the link for the messageboards in case anyone wants to sound off about the 2002 Robotics.

Expect some minor updates in about a week or so. Until then.



Hey, just an update.

Although the webpage team didn't go to Florida, we have been sitting back at home and using what we know best, the Internet, to watch the live webcasts of our team's progress.

Looking at the end of today, I can see that our team did an outstanding job. The team came in fifth place at the Newton field and went to the second semifinals match in Newton as you can see in the picture on the left (click on it).

Congratulations to everyone on the team and especially to Ashely Weed and Robert Kennedy. Even looking through my computer at the bad resolution video, it is the best driving I have ever seen.



Finally an update! Sorry for the long wait.

Rutgers is over! Chuck proved itself to the FIRST world. We lost only TWO out of apporximately 14 matches.

We made first seed and second place at Rutgers, a feat that we have never accomplished.

Congrats go out to the best driver team I have seen yet, Robert Kennedy and Ashely Weed.

There's only one more place we have to conquer, Nationals at Orlando.

Your updates for today are the media section with full Rutgers pictures, updated sponsors list, and the awards page in our members section.

Also, if anyone is scouting for nationals, head over to our
Chuck's Skills and Abilities page.



Hey, Hey, Hey

Here we are at the 2002 MidAtlantic Regional Competition at Rutgers University. We finished the competition today in FOURTH place. In the eight matches we competed in, we only lost one!

Today's updates are the pictures we have taken at regionals. Take a look at the media section.

Tomorrow we compete again. Stay tuned for more updates.

GOOOO Chuck!!



Slide Show Removed,
See Above

One day till Rutgers University!!

I posted this slide show on the right for everyone to see this year's Chuck robot.

For all the teams who are scouting, click on the link below for our robot's abilities:

Also, for anyone visiting the webpage, sign our guestbook or post something at the messageboards.

Till Next Time,




The webpage has been completely redesigned to be viewed in Netscape and Internet Explorer (see disclamer). The main update for today is that new pictures are in the media section. Also, the news section is updated, and the robot section is updated.



First off, I updated the webpage a bit. I changed the messageboard, due to too many advertisements at our old board. Second, I updated the members page.

Lastly, we have a meeting on Wednesday dealing with NEW JERSEY. Hope to see you all there! :)



Hey, I fixed all the links today. YEAH!

The calender is having some problems so it may not load for you; I apologize in advance. The search feature also doesn't work so don't try it yet. If you find any other problems, visit the messageboard to post them.

If anyone has information on the robot, pictures of the robot, or 2002 team pictures please email me ASAP!



Welcome to the 2002 Team 84 Webpage. We are finally up after a long overhaul and should be able to regularly update the webpage. Some new features of the webpage include:

1. New Guestbook
2. New Messageboard
3. New Calender

The link for the messageboard will be only available on the start page for the time being.

Thats all I have for you now.
Till Next Time !


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