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  • Welcome to Chuck84.Org

    Welcome to Chuck84.org, the home of the Chuck Monster! Team 84 is a partnership between local students and mentors that come together each year to build a robot and participate in FIRST. Each year, the competition gets tougher, and this year it's Aim High. Our team is all ready for the 2006 FIRST season, is yours?

    Feel free to browse around the site and find information on our team, or Chuck, our robot. We hope that you enjoy your visit, and that you will come back soon!

    -Team 84


    Saturday, February 18th, 2006: Phew. After over 12 hours of html, all pages [should] work. Chuck's looking good as late hours are used working to get him together for the enclosing shipping date on Tuesday!!

    Saturday, February 13th, 2006: Working on the page... Updates go live.

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